Core Studios is the creation of Marc Adamec and Daphne Lee. Dedicated professionals who have over 30 combined years in the fitness industry and see a need for smaller, more focused fitness facilities, devoted to providing the best in individual attention and instruction. At CORE, we provide individual programs and personal spaces so all Clients feel comfortable to perform at their best.

At CORE, We believe that CORE STRENGTH is the foundation of true fitness. When the Core muscles are strong, the rest of the body functions more efficiently. We are committed to teaching and training CORE Clients how to achieve greater strength, endurance and power through our CORE training techniques. Our Clients increase mobility, flexibility and balance that can help rehabilitate old injuries and prevent new injuries from occurring. We work with you to make changes that will improve your everyday life.


At CORE, we understand that each individual needs a different combination of training, focus, motivation, group support and privacy to succeed. We offer a variety of training solutions from private, one-on-one sessions to small group classes. Whichever you choose, we are committed to giving you the individual attention that you need to successfully reach your fitness goals.

At CORE, there is NO MEMBERSHIP FEE or monthly dues. We value your time and money and believe that you should pay only for the services you use. No wasting money on a gym membership that sits idle month after month. No I.D. cards to swipe or sign in sheets. Core Studios will keep track of your sessions and will conveniently inform you when payment is due.

Your initial consultation is FREE!! Come in and let us show you what we do and how you can benefit from our training programs. Our dedicated, certified staff will educate you and guide you in choosing the exercise program that is right for you.

New clients to Core Studios may begin with a comprehensive joint mobility screen and neuromuscular evaluation. In this session, CORE Trainers will identify muscular and structural imbalances that hamper the body's ability to move efficiently. These imbalances may also cause pain or injury during both exercise and everyday movement. By identifying these imbalances, CORE Trainers can tailor an individual training program that adresses your specific needs.

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