Marc Adamec

Marc, has been a certified personal trainer for over 15 years and is the co-owner of Core Studios. As a former division I lacrosse player for the University of Delaware, he knows the importance of movement quality and the need for a strong, balanced body.

He believes that each client has different needs and goals and strives to create programs specifically designed for every person he works with. In opening Core Studios, Marc has worked to build a facility that combines that best of many training disciplines with a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who visits.

Hsiao-Fang Lee

Hsiao-Fang Lee is a former professional dancer with over 15 years of teaching experience including: dance, stretching, Pilates, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® methods. In 1997, she earned her Master's degree in dance from American University (Washington DC).

Hsiao-Fang Lee is now a GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer and soon to be a GYROTONIC® Master Trainer. She has extensive training with all aspects of the GYROTONIC® system, including GYROKINESIS®, GYROTONIC® Level I and Level II, GYROTONIC® application for golfers, all therapeutic application from Paul Horvath, Ladder, Jumping Stretching Board and GYROTONER®.

Hsiao-Fang has studied under the direction of Juliu Horvath himself, and received her GYROKINESIS® certification course and GYROTONIC® Level II course from him as well.

Hsiao-Fang Lee teaches all levels of clients and also conducts teacher training courses here in the United States as well as in China and in Taiwan.

Gurjeet Khalsa

Gurjeet has been practicing the Pilates method for eight years and is certified through the 700 hour plus Articulate Eye teacher training program. In addition to Pilates she has taught yoga for twenty years. Gurjeet enjoys sharing the experience of strength and sense of well being that Pilates brings. When not teaching Pilates, Gurjeet teaches music at the Levine School of Music.

Paul Decker

Daphne Lee

Health and Fitness is a way of life and Daphne is passionate about her clients, their experiences at Core and in their health education. With a masters in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, ACSM, ACE, AFAA and Polestar Pilates certification, her focus is on the individual needs of her clients. She is currently a PHD candidate at the university of Maryland. Her career started with a Ms. Fitness title and a management position with Cory Everson’s-6 time Ms. Olympia Fitness Facilities. Daphne’s versatility and vivacious personality make her one of the best fitness professionals in the Washington area.

Billie Meyer

Billie began practicing Pilates in Aspen, Colorado as a way of managing her own chronic neck and shoulder issues. Besides realizing the pleasure of Pilates, she quickly saw the benefit of  Pilates work as an underlying tool for almost any physical endeavor. She was certified through the Boulder Pilates Center and has been teaching for over fourteen years. In her teaching she uses mainly classical Pilates to help her students affect positive changes through greater body awareness, re-alignment, flow, and laughter. She has a BFA from CU/ Boulder and enjoys hiking, gardening, and Zydeco dance.


Jenifer Ferguson

Jen Ferguson grew up in the DC area, studied ballet since the age of 7, and began teaching at age 15.  She received a B.S. in Ballet from Indiana University, where she discovered the potential of Pilates to increase strength and stability in the midst of an injury.  Jen went on to dance profesionally with the Atlanta Ballet and Nashville Ballet and then local D.C. companies, keeping up with Pilates to stay injury-free.  She was certified through Polestar-Pilates and later ACSM and has been a trainer for 10 years.  Previously, Jen worked at Body Dynamics, Inc. and at Fit4Life DC.  She has enjoyed working with elite athletes, skaters, dancers and the general population, and loves the diversity of the work.


Heike Yates

Heike has over twenty years of experience as Instructor Trainer/Program Director, National Fitness Presenter, Personal Trainer and Pilates coach.

She strongly believes in a cohesive approach to fitness and wellness incorporating flexibility into strength training. Her coaching style is based on a strong mind body connection. Heike explores alternative methods to reach each client's specific goals. Her approach will keep your sessions fun, interesting and, most importantly, effective.

For the past twenty years she trained a wide range of clients with varied abilities and ages, for instance, athletes, golfers, runners, and triathletes. Then those with therapeutic needs, such as cancer survivors, post operational joint rehabilitation, scoliosis, stenosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and ostheoarthritis.

Heike's goal is to enhance your athletic performance or improving functional movement that is efficient and pain free. heike@heylifetraining.comwww.



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