Core Nutrition and Fitness Program

Diets. We're told that if we just find the perfect program -- and were just a little more disciplined, had just a little more willpower -- we'd finally be successful.

That's the great falsehood of the fitness and nutrition industry.

Yes, it sells more diet books. And yes, it helps fitness gurus get more attention.

But it does nothing to help you figure out what works for you and how to stick to it.

That is where we at Core Studios come in.

Here's the truth: If you repeatedly struggle with diet programs, jumping on another diet program can't be the answer.

What you need instead is guidance. Someone who can help you figure out the few important things you should be doing differently, someone who can walk alongside you, troubleshooting the inevitable challenges and difficulties that come up.

At Core, our Precision Nutrition Certified Coaches will:


·         Teach you the 5 nutrition principles you must follow to lose fat and gain muscle

·         Listen to your needs and what you really want to accomplish

·         Work together to create the right nutrition and exercise approach; personal and unique

·         Teach you the best exercises to lose fat and gain lean muscle

·         Then coach you through the process; helping with the inevitable roadblocks along the way to success

That's right, coach you through the entire process.


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At CORE, we offer a variety of Pilates programs for all levels including private training on the Reformer/Tower total body system, Cadillac, Barrel and Stability Chair.

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At CORE, we offer private Gyrotonic sessions with expertly trained instructors. Exercises are performed on the Gryotonic Pulley Tower system and are designed to meet the needs of all participants with varying levels of fitness.

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Personal Training

At CORE, your training program begins with a comprehensive joint mobility screen and neuromuscular evaluation. Using a specific group of movements, CORE trainers will identify muscular and structural imbalances that hamper the body's ability to move efficiently.

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